Jiangsu Hongyuan Pipe Co., Ltd

Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the corporate culture of "integrity, humility, preciseness and effectiveness", made efforts to highlight the enterprise spirit of "self-confidence, self-improvement, dedication and effort", unremittingly pursued the enterprise goal of "realizing the modernization of pipeline industry", and adhered to the quality policy of factory pass rate and 95% customer satisfaction. Warm, sincere and open Hongyuan people look forward to your pre

Honor And Qualification


  • ABS type test

  • ASME certification

  • DNV welding factory approval certificate

  • Environmental management system certification

  • Occupational health certification

  • Quality management system certification

  • Scientific and Technological Progress Award

  • Pressure pipe manufacturing license

  • Pressure vessel manufacturing license

  • Type approval certificate of China Shipping Association

  • Type approval certificate of China Shipping Association

  • High tech enterprise